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Sometimes people want to find a company where employees will save them from all the inconveniences associated with the cleaning of apartments and other household troubles. If you provide these services – templates, that were picked by us, will allow you to make your own website, comparing favorably with competitors.


The first such template - Handyman Service Html Template – makes after watching a pleasant experience, because it is a sample of a reliable and serious work. Located on the main page professional photos will notify customers about types of services which you provide. In addition, convenient access panel is much easier to navigate through the site.


A variant, that was hand-picked by our experts - House Cleaning – is contrary different because of bright and rich color palette. Typically, it makes a positive impression on visitors. A "Freshly washed" logo quite clearly marks your activity. For the same function animation in the form of bubbles was also added into the photo it also attracts attention.


A Clean home template is an example of the most modern and highly functional design. Its whole appearance emphasizes that your company is able to keep up with the times, using in your work all technical innovations. It should also be noted that muted colors allow the client to focus on the searching of necessary services.


The last variant is Home renovations - its style solution a little bit correlates with the first proposed option. However, it represents a mighty style, reflecting a reliable and high-quality "male" job. Wooden site substrate (or rather, its minimalist design) is shaded by animated links to other pages. They are not distracts people, but focuses them on the searching of needful information.

Well, on the whole, clean website layouts are very popular and in demand among users.

Cleaning Company html5 template
Name: Cleaning Company Html5 Website Template
Item: HTM55
One time Fee: $39.00
Laundry and dry services free psd template image
Name: Laundry Cleaning Free PSD Template
Item: FREE2010
One time Fee: $0.00
Type:  Free
Laundry Dry Commercial Cleaning Services website template image
Name: Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service Website Template
Item: HTM45
One time Fee: $25.00
Bootstrap themes for handyman service image
Name: HandyMan Services Website Template
Item: HTM36
One time Fee: $39.00
Cleaning services responsive themes image
Name: House Cleaning Html5 Website Template
Item: HTM34
One time Fee: $40.00
Name: Clean home
Item: EF2281
One time Fee: $35.00
Type:  Easy flash
Home renovations template's image
Name: Home Renovations
Item: EF2278
One time Fee: $33.00
Type:  Easy flash
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