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Bright and Functional Website Template for Cleaning Service

Household cleaning could be a little bit unpleasant sometimes, but this action has to be done from time to time. If you are not pleased with the household cleaning you do not have to suffer anymore! Just ask a cleaning company to do their job professionally using the most modern equipment and then - enjoy the result.

If you are not sure how to become in a great request among the thousands of customers, how to obtain customers circle you are searching for, comfortable and multifunctional website may help you to attract wide audience, to optimize your business and evolve your company.

But there is another question: Whether you need specific skills or knowledge to create a website of your needs? No, you do not! All you need is to order a prepared Housekeeping Cleaning website template for your company made by Tonytemplates.

With assistance of this template you will be able to create a modern, comfortable and multifunctional website, which allows you to run a great advertisement campaign.


Template main features:


  • Responsive 
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Html5, CSS3
  • SEO optimized source code
  • 14 PSD files
  • Custom html files 
  • Contact form
  • Order form
  • Social widgets


Make Your Website Popular and Business Profitable With House Cleaning Hml5 Website Template!

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Item: HTM34
Name: House Cleaning Html5 Website Template
Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome


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Find out How House Cleaning's features may be helpful for your future website and online project

  • Well adapted design. All the images and text-pages will be shown correctly at any device being used. Any gadget from a common smartphone to a PC will show your website hundred percent correctly;
  • Bootstrap 3 Simple and dynamical multifunctional platform, which allows you to create and to adapt any website functions (press-buttons, galleries, web-pages) in a shortest period of time;
  • HTML5, CSS3 Allow you to apply new functions to your website and allow you to make it unique by adding different elements like audio, video, slide-show and others. These also expend the opportunities of layout modification without usage of external technologies;
  • SEO optimized initial code Will help you to hold top positions when the searching system is used with a topical request;
  • 14 psd. A format of an image storage that allows you to compress picture capacity without quality loss;
  • Custom html pages . (14 pages for galleries with a high quality pictures, blog, press, infographics and others), which allow to make your website more attractive and informative;


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