Clean home

Do you work in service industry? Do you need unique and clear template for your online project? We can offer you our easy web flash templates. Clean home web flash template is one of them. It can be used by different cleaning agencies, services and social organizations.

The first thing you need on landing page of the site of this type is phone number of the agency, so we focused more attention on it. Then animation follows that helps to get acquainted with offered services. Four images are available and you can change them yourself by clicking on their numbers. Menu items are located on the left side of the page. When you click on one of the menu entries, the content appears with soap bubbles. Such special effects amuse the user and beautify the site.

Nowadays there are a lot of agencies that provide people with cleaning, tidying up, polishing and other services. But it is rather convenient to make orders online. With our Clean home easy flash template you can enjoy the service. Just click and buy!

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