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Nowadays if you can find any person, who will tell you such sort of phrase: “I have not listened to the radio ever”, you know that he or she is just a liar! All people periodically listen to it. Radio transmits tunes while people are cleaning up their houses, going somewhere by car or bicycle or just strolling through a nearby park.

There is only one feature of the modern radio - it has moved to the Internet. Now people need no radio receivers, as it was in the days of their grandparents. Customers need a site where you can find all the necessary information about the performers, radio presenters and broadcast with the first glance.

If you want to make a web page of your radio station, our template will help you to do it by yourself! Appropriate technical support will make your job very comfortable. If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to help you to solve them. As a result, you can get a website with a ‘pleasant to the human’s eye’ minimalist design, convenient location of playlist and information blocks, as well as the possibility of feedback to the user.

Our company is always glad to new customers! We will do everything to make your life easier!


Theme's features:

  • Responsive design
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Html5, CSS3
  • SEO optimized source code
  • PSD (20+)
  • Custom HTML pages
  • Social widgets 
  • Fullscreen slider
  • Premium ticket support
  • Online player
  • Two layout variants


Don't hesitate! Make Your Radio Famous with Live Radio Website Template!

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How LIVE RADIO'S main features may be helpful for you:

  • Responsive - this template will be nice looked at all types of screens - Big, Medium, Small and Very small 
  • Social Widgets Presence - your website pages would be easy shared via social networks 
  • Bootstrap - flexible responsive design of your website, ability to add pretty icons and the same elements 
  • SEO Optimized Source Code - your website will have good chances for appropriate search appearance and indexing
  • Custom Html pages - you will be able to make your website attractive and suitable for visitors 


21 Oct 20:14:11
Hi I just purchased this template, and downloaded ok but, the problem is not i parchase. I thought this was a theme for a radio satino already set and ready to use, i dont know anything about creating coles or html for that matter
ruben turegano cuenca
09 Aug 15:05:13
Compré este producto hace 6 meses y todavía NO me ha llegado!!!
Gianluca Santarcangelo purchased
11 Mar 18:05:59
Good afternoon, I paid a template but I can not download it. can anyone tell me how to download?
dragan m7rovic
09 Dec 13:13:14
how I can re download ?
Jakub Jeruzal
24 Nov 21:12:00
i bought this template today, but i not received download link on e-mail. Please help me whats happend is.
henry quintero
09 Nov 17:05:21
i bought this template,too but i not received download link. Any mistake .
Thomas Smith
03 Mar 18:24:25
I bought this template,too but i not received download link. Already done the payment and waiting for the link since 2 days. is this company or hoax?
Please send me the temp asap.
Per-Olof Ehlis
03 Mar 15:24:26
I bought this template,too but i not received download link. Any mistake ?
I write to the support and wait, wait, wait.
And no: I checked my spam emails
21 Sep 16:07:04
i bought this template,too but i not received download link. Any mistake .
Kolesnik author
22 Sep 10:43:20
Thank you for your purchase.
Your template download link was twice sent to your email -

Please, recheck your spam/junk mail folders.
dragan m7rovic
07 May 04:36:52
how I can I make contact form working?
Alexander Lukjanenko author
11 May 21:03:01
This is HTML theme and doesn't include backend scripts.
You should add it by yourself.
Here is example
nicholas szankovics
06 Mar 18:11:57
Why doesnt this template come with an installation guide? I want the player to connect to an audio stream I have, and I cant find where I can make that happen!
Alexander Lukjanenko author
12 May 15:39:44
Check stream feature at jplayer docs
To edit playlist modify files jplayer.playlist.js or header-playlist.js
05 Feb 14:38:04
i bought this template. but i not received download link. please help me.
Alexander Lukjanenko author
12 May 14:44:23
We manually process sales. Usualy we sent link within 1 hour. But sometimes it can take up to 12 hours

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