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Website Design has attained a radically different character with the appearance of hypertext markup language HTML5. This "fifth generation" language absorbed all the most promising developments from ordinary HTML, XHTML, and DHTML, of course, with a parallel rejection of all superfluous and hopeless. Development sites in HTML5 platform began to meet modern standards, both in terms of results and in terms of productivity and convenience of operations. It is possible to provide such qualities:

  • Standardization. If you start to invent something, you can be in a situation when your site will be crookedly displayed in browsers used by most potential customers.
  • Active management of the history of sessions. For users, this option exists in an easy return to the session from the point where the custom, for whatever reason, left the site. For example, people began to fill the purchase form, but he had to get distracted and leave. Next time, when he’d open an online store site, the user will see nice already half-completed form. No need to waste time on re-entering data.
  • The combination of text and graphics - for the spectacular sites of the companies that sell anything. You can generate a web page as advertising posters and overview videos added products.

Choose from HTML5 templates presented here. Each of them is unique not only in terms of design. First of all, each of the sites will be created with a different purpose. With our templates, you can create a page of your own radio studio, services on repairing wiring and running water, cleaning and installation of pools, a variety of services for the improvement of the house and much more. Remember the site is the face of the company. A well-chosen template will leave your customer with the first good impression about you as a specialist.