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Kids Club Website Template comprises best ideas for kindergartens, private schools, children clubs etc. We combined bright colors, vivid design elements, childish toys and images, so that the topic of the site will be more prominent for visitors. Logo of the Kids Club is placed in the top left corner and contains the same style as Main Menu, which is located a bit lower and includes Java Script animated effect. The rest part of the screen belongs to the image with soft toys, bricks and photos. Social media plug-ins like Twitter, Facebook are integrated into the template as well. Here we included photo and video gallery, where you can place a great variety of thematic images. The site also contains the welcome text block, the content of wich can be filled with the required text. Menu entries are opened with page re-loading. Kids Club Website Template is a ready-made solution for your site, the only thing you need is to edit the site content in the way you prefer. Buy our Kids Club Website Template and follow the popularity of your website.

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