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When we speak about writers and their masterpieces or about writing process itself, what associations do we usually have? What things can we imagine? Of course, a lot of books, pens with sheets of paper, notes, glasses and cup of coffee or tea. All these things we used in our new Writer Personal Page Flash template: shelf with books, on their binding you can observe the Main Menu entries, laptop with the the text being typed - the process of writing a book, a sheet of paper and a pen near it - author’s manuscript, glasses and book with the image of the author. We used various animations and special effects to make the images more real for visitors and pictures more alive. Sound effects help enjoying the navigation throughout the site. Writer Personal Page Flash template provides you with usability, high quality of images, attractive idea that cannot leave you and your visitors and later the clients indifferent. Original design promotes increasing of web site visitors and makes your site more popular and successful. And this is one of the main aims of web site, isn’t it?

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