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It is a very responsible task to find prestige and good school for your child. Most of parents first of all review various recommendations, ratings of teachers staff before choosing a school. To simplify this process and to make those information more accessible modern schools open their own websites, where they show the presentation of educational institution, the list of studied subjects, photos of the interior etc. Currently there are a lot of services that help to find the best school for you, they also are interested in bright web site with convenient navigation for parents, who are looking for best solution for their children. Here we present one of our website templates for the listed above purposes. We emphasize the education theme here. Easy Flash template is presented in the form of blackboard with stickers for Main Menu’s entries. Template contains welcome page with images that can be chosen automatically or manually; animated elements like globe, books, laptop, pencils etc; sound effects that can be turned ON/OFF; highlighted links and so on. This unique design, created with school notes, can be the brightest solution for your website.

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