Magento templates

Magento is a online stores control system. It is one of the most popular management systems of such a type. This CMS category was made on the ZendFramework. This fact determines its dimension: it's big and heavy, but, on the other hand, quite high-powered.


This control system has several distinctive features. In the first instance, when you become the creator of a single administrative section, you can manage an entire retail chain of online stores which sites will be located in different domains; in all their different content, that is a different product range can be located. In addition, you can implement settings so that the customer will be able to choose the currency in which he watches prices. This feature is very handy if your products are focused on people from other countries. Selection is also possible to payment and delivery methods (of course, if your company provides several options). In addition, Magento is capable of supporting multiple languages ​​(which is also convenient for overseas customers) to your website.


Our specialists have created some templates using this CMS category: YourStore, Welldone, Cool baby, MegaTron... Each of these patterns has a unique design and color schemes. With one of them, even the most exacting critic could satisfy their desires. With any pattern your customers will appreciate the novelties in fashion and choose for themselves the appropriate price range for products. As a result, your online store will be one of the most visited in the market and be able to compete with the world's leading sites.