Business Corporate HTML

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Business Corporate HTML template can be used by various circles of customers and business owners, as this template is multipurpose.

Among its elements the following can be mentioned:

  1. Logotype – located in the header, on the left side;
  2. Login box- located also in the header, but on the right side;
  3. Tag lines with basic benefits of the presented services;
  4. Main Menu – the central and the most elegant part of the template. The entries are located in the gray boxes with titles and when you move the mouse over one of it, the informative icon appears;
  5. Background image – “the globe” that emphasizes the global usage of the template.

We used minimum effects to concentrate your attention on usability and convenience. The template is based on HTML cms which allows easy editing of the content. Your site now can be organized according to your needs and tastes. We don’t use complicated navigation and layouts as the simplicity is the earnest of success. Buy and realize the quality yourself.

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